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     Santa Claus figures




Santa Boards


  Santa Hangers


Santa Tabletops












Browse through a dazzling array of Santa characters--

standalones, hangers, board holders-- all of varying sizes

from 6 inches to 6 feet.


These figures are perfect centerpieces and accents for

home and establishments, guaranteed to bring in the

holiday spirit!


Add to these the delightfully designed Chef holders for

wine, magazines, and table accessories.  Just the thing

you need for styling your dining establishment.


Got a design in mind?  No problem.  We have craftsmen

who can create prototypes based on your sketches and

the manufacture them to your specifications.





Santa Standalones

Ranging from 5 to 6 feet, they are eye-catching figures

to welcome your visitors and customers with a smile!

Santa with Boards 

At 4 feet high, place your daily special comfortably

at eye-level!

Santa Hangers

Hang them on your windows, walls and doors,

attractive accents to your Holiday decors!

Santa Tabletops

Figures and wine holders like you've never seen

before and they're less than 12 inches!

Chef Special

European-styled tabletop holders for wine, magazines,

napkins and even toothpicks!





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